ODEN is a leader in the employment industry for people who have a disability.  We have a reputation for being the best and strive to be the best.  We are up to date with what is happening in the employment industry and work with all stakeholders in employment – business, service agencies and government. 

We provide training to help improve the skills of employment specialists, job developers, job coaches, etc.  We have a variety of training packages that are all specialized to meet the needs of each specific client.  

Our most popular training package is our 3-day comprehensive training which includes:

  • An overview of the current disability employment market (Day 1)
    objective is to build the foundation and get everyone to have a good understanding of the employability of people who have a disability, some of the employment options and opportunities that exist and to get everyone to the same platform of understanding – on the same page.
  • Job Developer Training (Day 2)
    This day will focus on marketing and job development in detail. It will be beneficial to people in the role of finding and securing jobs, whether new to this role or for experienced job developers who want to 'brush up', have a refresher or hone their skills.
  • Job Coach Training, Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction (Day 3)
    Focus on the importance of the role of job coaching and appropriate skills to ensure job retention, satisfied employees and employers, quality assurance and repeat business.

Specialized training is available on various topics depending the on the needs of the clients.   

Joe Dale Training in July

ODEN also engages other stakeholders that have an impact on employment for people who have a disability. We:

  • Partner with like-minded consumer/advocacy groups on a variety of initiatives
  • Provide education and training for those working in career centres of colleges and universities
  • Provide education, training and curriculum development for educators, special education teachers, schools, and school boards
  • Provide information, training and workshops for families that have children with disabilities.

To request more information, please contact us at 1-866-280-6336 or by email.