ODEN is a great starting point for any business looking to establish a strategy to hire people with disabilities.  Other resources that can provide information on the process involved include:

Provincial Government

Federal Government

Diversity & Employment Equity –  Access tools and resources about approaches to diversity and employment equity that aim to eliminate discriminatory employment barriers for all Canadians working for or aspiring to work for the Government of Canada.

Equality & Inclusion – Government of Canada

Enabling Accessibility Funding - The Enabling Accessibility Fund is a federal Grants and Contributions program that supports capital costs of construction and renovations related to improving physical accessibility and safety for people with disabilities in Canadian communities and workplaces.

Funding: Canada Summer Jobs

Other Resources

Canadian Business SenseAbility is a national network of business leaders that understand the immense value that people with disabilities bring to an organization, not only as talented employees, but as powerful consumers, investors, and innovators. 

Ontario Chamber of Commerce - 8 Myths About Hiring People with Disabilities

Ontario JOIN is one of Canada's leading organizations specializing in recruitment of persons with disabilities, strategies and supports for employers for full inclusion and expertise on disability in the workplace. We work with job seekers with disabilities and assist employers in making their workplaces more accessible. Ontario JOIN offers one-stop employment recruitment services for employers. Through our referrals to service providers, we bring together job seekers and employers.

The goal of Rotary at Work  is to help people with a disability find meaningful work. That means a real job with real pay, commensurate for the position. Rotary at Work is a new business to business educational program that takes a fresh look at disability and how this market segment can contribute to the workforce.

The Ability First Coalition is a community initiative; a group of volunteers from various sectors of business that raise awareness of disability issues in the London and area workforce. This business-to-business partnership aims to bring employers together to share best practices related to hiring and retaining people with disabilities.

Ontario WorkInfo Net - We have grown thanks to human and financial resources from the Ontario Ministries of Education, Training, Colleges and Universities, and Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; Human Resources Development Canada, Ontario Region; and Canada We work with these partners to help people in Ontario get faster and better access to job and career information.

Diversity at Work – Supporting Employees with Disabilities - Incorporated as a non-profit from 2005 to 2013, the HR Council for the Non-profit Sector (HR Council) took action on non-profit labour force issues. As a catalyst, the HR Council sparked awareness and action on labour force issues. As a convenor, it brought together people, information, and ideas in the spirit of collaborative action. As a research instigator, it built knowledge and improved the sectors understanding of the non-profit labour force.

Employer’s Toolkit: Making Ontario Workplaces Accessible to People with Disabilities -  By the Conference Board of Canada – 2012

Enabling Retail for Accessible Employment: Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act  - A guide to help businesses in retail meet the accessible employment standards under the AODA.