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We promote innovation and best practice in both the business community and in the service community. The key in all cases is to learn from, and replicate, what works well.

  • In business, ODEN creates case studies of businesses that excel at creating inclusive workplaces and use those as examples and demonstrations with other businesses. We also use the learnings from these to inform our training for employment service operators.
  • For employment service agencies, we study the high performers to determine what they are doing well and replicate these models across the province. Also, promote individual tools, practices and initiatives that are unique and/or promising and can also be replicated. Again, we also use the learnings from these to inform our training for others.
  • Hold Annual Innovations Awards competitions.

Innovations and Best Practices

ODEN would like to highlight the following Innovations and Best Practices.

JobPath Toolkit

JobPath is an award winning, 6-week employment discovery program that is delivered through facilitated learning and employment related field trips. JobPath provides the opportunity for participants to learn about themselves and interact in a group setting while preparing for employment. This is an excellent transition tool for students as well as job seekers with limited academic backgrounds or work histories.

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Summer Youth Employment Toolkit 

The internationally renowned Summer Employment Transitions truly demonstrates the value of early intervention. Young adults who participate in Summer Employment Transitions programs gain skills and learn workplace habits at a much earlier age, which eases their transition to adulthood and employment.

A 2012 study by Carter and Trainor found that the number one indicator of successful labour market attachment to people who have sever disabilities, upon graduation from school was having had a paid job while in school.

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Talent Sorter

Poor Job Fit is by far the #1 reason people do not succeed in a job. In its commercial form, TalentSorter helps organizations screen applicants for their Fit in the role they are applying to. The people behind TalentSorter have been very actively adapting their unique technology to help pools of hidden talent (and the agencies that represent them) bridge into the right jobs, for them. Click here to learn more about TalentSorter.

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If you think you have an innovation or best practice, send an email to with your information.

Also, stayed tuned for our Annual Innovation Showcase and more information about how to become part of the showcase, taking place at our Annual Rethinking Disability Conference, October 23-25, 2017.