The Ontario Disability Employment Network is a professional body of employment service providers united to increase employment opportunities for people who have a disability.

We have over 100 member agencies, all in the business of helping people with a disability get into the workforce. Members are from every corner of the province and support people of all disability types. Beyond Ontario, we have connections with organizations in most provinces and territories of Canada.

ODEN’s Membership year is from April 1st to March 31st of each year. New members that join after October 1st will have their fees calculated at 60% of the full rate and prorated based on the numbers of months remaining in the Membership year.

Membership Fees:

Membership Fees

** Please note: If your agency operates an employment service of any kind, you are only eligible for the “full membership”. Associate membership is only for organizations that do not provide employment services but who want to support our work.

Membership Types:

Full Membership
Full Membership shall be available to organizations in Ontario operating employment services for persons with a disability facing barriers to employment. For each paid membership, an organization may have one voting representative. Voting representatives shall be members of the staff of the organization.

Full members will have full voting rights and privileges; be eligible to be elected to the Board; sit on Committees; and, access to the ‘member only’ website and the information and resources contained within.

Associate Membership
(e.g. Community Living Ontario, CACL, CMHA-ON, ODSP Action Coalition)

Like-minded organizations who share the Network’s goals and objectives. Associate members shall be without a vote.

Single Membership
An individual who shares the Network’s goals and objectives and does not qualify under other membership categories. Individual members shall be without a vote. Individual members may not hold office, but may serve on committees or task forces of the Network.

Corporate Membership 
(e.g. TD Canada Trust, Bell Canada, OLG, Tim Horton’s Corporate)

Membership shall be available to corporate businesses having common interests and aims with the Network. Corporate members shall be without a vote. Corporate members cannot hold office, but may serve on committees.

While ODEN values the partnership it has with its members, organizations cannot presume to infer a partnership when promoting organizational activities.

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