Photos From “Employment First: Is It Right For Ontario?”

Wendy Parent-Johnson

Wendy Parent-Johnson, Ph.D., CRC, CESP, discusses “Employment First: Expanding Transition Options for Youth”

Pat Rogan

Pat Rogan, Ph.D., presenting “Organizational Change from Facility-based to Community-based Employment Services”


Laura Owens

Laura Owens, Ph.D., presenting “Transition Planning and Employment First: Raising Expectations”

Joe Dale

Ontario Disability Employment Network Executive Director, Joe Dale, introduces the speakers

David Mank

David Mank, Ph.D., presenting “Aligning What We Do with What We Know – Supported Employment in Context of Time” to the group

David Hoff

David Hoff, M.S.W., presenting “Employment First – What It Is, What It Isn’t, What It Means”


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