Steve Sharpe

Steve Sharpe of Sharpe’s Food Market

Steve Sharpe has created an equal and inclusive work environment for his employees. Jennifer works in the deli department and is considered to be a valued employee to Steve and to the Sharpe’s Food Market Team.

Steve has been working closely with Community Living to promote inclusive hiring within their community. His positive experience with Jennifer has led him to become a local Champion. He attends all employer meetings with Community Living’s Katrina Joice and Amy Widdows. He speaks passionately about the benefits of hiring people who have a disability and he does this from a business perspective.  A number of people have been hired as result of those meetings. In addition, Steve has made connections with several of his business colleagues on behalf of Community Living. He helps make great connections with other businesses in town and has always made them understand the benefits of inclusive hiring.

In addition to being present at all employer meetings, Steve has actively promoted Community Living’s Employment Program at Rotary meetings, co-presented at conferences, has done interviews for local newspapers and has also made his store and employees available for newspaper photos and to have a video filmed that promotes hiring people who have a disability.

Steve is committed to helping move the employment agenda forward for people who have a disability in any way he can.


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