Jamie and Scott Burton

Jamie (left) and Scott Burton of Dolphin Digital Technologies in Waterloo Ontario.

Until recently Jamie and Scott Burton felt as if they were the only ones who cared about employing people who have a disability.

Despite this, and of their own initiative, they created a software program that tests the tech skills of applicants. This software also determines skills deficits in other areas such as soft skills. While this type of testing is often used to ‘screen people out’ Jamie and Scott have a unique perspective. Their mandate is to always hire the best person but if more than one person is qualified they choose the candidate who is least likely to be hired by another company.

This has led to 6 of Dolphin’s 11 employees being people who have a disability. In a high tech world, Dolphin has excelled at adapting their work systems to accommodate employees who have a disability.

In another of their initiatives, Jamie and Scott partnered with the Making Cents of Abilities Coalition and started an annual Disabilities Mentoring Day. To the best of our knowledge this is the first event of this kind in Canada although it happens in 27 other countries around the wold. This is a one-day event where people who have a disability are matched up with mentors from the business community in a specific career area. This has resulted in several workplace solutions and hires of people who have a disability.

Jamie & Scott see a successful future that includes people who have a disability and they look at business from a different perspective. They have seen the change in the lives of their employees as they become confident members of society and are charged by this change.

According to Mark Wafer who nominated Jamie and Scott; “If every company could see the attitude here we wouldn’t need a Federal Panel. I believe Dolphin’s owners will be excellent champions in the community.”

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