Joe Dale

Executive Director

Joe Dale is the Executive Director of the Ontario Disability Employment Network’s Centre for Excellence in Employment Services for People with a Disability. The Centre for Excellence focuses on engaging and educating businesses about the benefits of hiring people with a disability and on ensuring Ontario has a strong and effective employment service delivery network.

Joe has worked in the field of disability for over 35 years and spent much of that time addressing issues related to employment for people with disabilities. Before becoming the Executive Director, Joe operated Vision Consulting, assisting both businesses and not-for-profit organizations interested in helping people with disabilities obtain jobs in the workforce. Prior to this, he was with Community Living Ontario as the Director of Membership services.

Joe is also the founder of the Rotary at Work initiative, a program focused on educating businesses about the benefits of including people with disabilities in their workforce.

Joe is a member of Former Lieutenant Governor David C. Onley’s accessibility team and participates on several provincial consultation teams related to policy creation and focus on disability matters. He is an internationally renowned speaker, speaking to business, governments, and not-for-profits on the issue of strategic engagement of people with disabilities in the workforce.