A professional body of service providers united to increase employment opportunities for people who have a disability.

$810M Pre-Budget Announcement


ODEN Executive Director, Joe Dale, and ODEN Employer Champion League member, Mark Wafer, were invited to a pre-budget event in Hamilton this morning where MCSS Minister McMeekin just announced $810 million in funding over the next three years. If approved, this will be the largest spending bump in history for the Developmental Services sector.  Five […]

Summer Company

Do you imagine running your own business, but lack the knowledge base and initial start up funding to launch it yourself? Your entrepreneurial vision can become a reality if you’re a student between the ages of 15 and 29 years through the Government of Ontario’s Summer Company program. Summer Company provides you with hands-on coaching, […]

Update! Feb. 26, 2014

The Network has just wrapped up a round of employer engagement events, sponsored by Service Canada, here’s a short summary of the results: Employer Engagement Sessions – Highlights • 9 immediate hires • 35 firm job leads being followed up by local service agencies • 499 employers now better educated about the opportunity to include […]

Metcalfe Foundation Report: The “Welfareization” of Disability Incomes in Ontario


Metcalfe Foundation Report: The “Welfareization” of Disability Incomes in Ontario Click here to access the document A couple of excerpts from the document: On page 22: The increase of ODSP expenditures is a complex issue. Of the many intricate factors causing the spike in ODSP, I believe the most significant one is the current labour […]